Paul Feldman
NFPT/KSU Certified Instructor
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Bodydesign Personal Training Certification Program

If you are passionate about fitness and want to help
other people dramatically improve their lives, consider this
lucrative and rewarding career field.

During the class, we will help you combine theory with practice we will help you to combine theory with practical, hands-on instruction to prepare for the NFPT Personal Trainer Exam (one of the most respected certifications in the business), and to begin your new professional life. In addition to safe and effective training techniques, we will introduce you to the business aspects of a fitness career, where depending on credentials, experience and ambition, you can make a great living being a Personal trainer working full or part-time with a flexible schedule.

Plan for extensive reading and study outside of class, especially if you intend to take the NFPT Exam.

You can expect to master the following concepts:

* Teach the fundamentals of weight training
* Risk to benefit factor
* Positive motivation
* A variety of personal training techniques
* Variety of different workout styles
* Diet and nutrition counseling
* Short term and long term goal setting
* Measurements and body fat% testing
* Teach about the business of personal training
* Demonstrate safe and appropriate use of gym equipment
* Teach salesmanship and how to get buddy referrals
* Define professional and ethical business practices

No experience necessary - motivated and passionate beginners are welcome.
CPR certification is available.

Hours: 36.00 **Textbooks are available at Bodydesign.

National Certification:Includes NFPT exams and test site for the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT).The NFPT personal trainer exam is a National Commission for Certification Agencies (NCAA) with (CPT) credentials. The Certification is primarily based on the material learned by studying the Personal Trainer Manual written by the National Federation of Personal Trainers. The NFPT examination is comprised of 120 multiple choice questions with an associated time limit of 2 hours.

In addition the course will offer an internship program:
Interns will learn how to take a beginning client through a fitness evaluation, and developing a work out program for ten weeks. The intern will use the skills and hands on one-on-one personal training education learned in the personal training class. At the end the 10 weeks intern will do a final evaluation of the assigned client. Interns will be supervised by a Professional Bodydesign Instructor and will learn and develop the skills needed to be a positive motivating professional trainer. The education and experience gained from the program will give the competitive edge to make you a leader in the fitness industry. As a professional you will gain the security of knowing the skills that will be need to produce results for clients.

BODY069932/6/164/20/16Sat from 1PM to 4PM, 12 Sessions$819.00
BODY069962/17/165/18/16Wed from 6:30PM to 9:30PM, 12 Sessions$819.00
Meet & Greet 1/23/16 1/30/16Sat 1:00PMFREE

If you wish to enroll online for this course, click the above button to start the registration process. A valid credit card will be required for payment. Please have your card information ready.

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