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Certification Program - NFPT compared to ACE

The Facts:

Body Design Institute (NFPT) Certification

Has a professional instructor certification course syllabus and instructors CD.
Has a CD Rom animated exercise demo.
Has a fitness certification manual.
Has fitness consultation software.  
2 hour marketing and sales class.
3 hour Nutrition/Supplementation class included.
Schedule dates for testing on site at your convenience.
Cost for certification program $769.00 and you can make payment! 

K.S.U.  (ACE) Certification

No instructor syllabus.
No CD Rom.
No certification manual.
No consultation software.
No Nutrition class or Marketing
1 date only for testing at KSU.
Cost $1,200.00 + no payments.

Bottom line, the Kennsaw State University KSU/ACE course and syllabus was designed by Paul Feldman and taught at Bodydesign and KSU. 100% of the students that took the ACE exam passed.

The NFPT will give a new addition to the course at Bodydesign. Paul Feldman will give all of the same knowledge of the KSU course plus the expanded syllabus of the NFPT for less then KSU.

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